Introduction: Excerpt from APTOS Whitepaper

Developers are deploying tens of thousands of decentralized applications at a rapidly growing rate, and right now the infrastructure can't keep them all working properly together, but the Aptos blockchain is designed to do just that with scalability, security, reliability and upgradeability in mind to address these issues
And there is a question, when main network will be started and as Aptos blockchain will become more popular and interesting, the number of active and new users will grow proportionally and with them the number of dapps, and it is reasonable question, what will be with ecosystem if there will be for example 1000 dapps, and only 5-10% will use it?
The answer - new developers will not create dapps and old ones will not be interested in the development of their product, because no one will try something new!
And the whole problem is that there is no aggregator of all dapps and projects, even if you found or know them in the Aptos ecosystem I am sure that 90% of users being on their first visit this site will never visit it again!
The reason for that is simple, we need to create not just any aggregator but a complete web app which would be not just listed for Aptos but would be within it and be an integral part of it.
And that's why my team and I filed an application and we've started to develop a HUB and we clearly see the direction Aptos is taking and we try to be as reliable as possible.

Our plan is

Create a hub

Create a hub where we can collect: dapps, protocols and all projects in one whole.
But they just collect it everyone can, but our plans are quite different, and we want to implement that on every page of each project, was the most informative, from A to Z, so that people when they wanted to learn about any project, they could just come to us in the hub to find the desired project and get the most information about it, so it would not be much and it was the most useful
So we're going to create departments on the basis of our hub with handy tables
Table with all the possible, Airdrop, Ambassador Program, Testnet + these data will be duplicated on the page of the project, and these projects will be highlighted and with the necessary tags that people know about them!


This is already standard for many sites so we do not see much interest in writing something, just a regular blog about various projects!


One of the engines behind our HUB creation and development process
What is Learn?
Learn is a tutorial section to educate and train all Aptos ecosystem users, people can learn everything about it: Aptos Ecosystem Move programming language. Learn about different projects built on Aptos
But here you have a question, what's the point in teaching people? And the answer is simple, it will be mini courses where users will learn something new about the ecosystem, will answer the questions and how many they answer successfully, they will be able to get NFT + Reward in the form of tokens (Coming Soon)

As the market demands

As the market demands, we will be adding important features to our hub. And we also want to make an open space for people who want to program in Move