Our Roadmap

After the launch of our Hub to the public - 27.09.2022, we decided to adjust our plans
  • Creating a separate page with NFT projects (Development)
  • Creating a separate page with GameFi projects (Development)
  • Filling activities + adding these activities to the projects pages - since Aptos is in the testnet and almost no projects have claimed any awards, we will publish only the projects that are really worth it (Development)
  • Creating a list with influencers and with projects for easy tracking (End 2022)
  • Creating a partner network with projects not only on the Aptos blockchain but also on others (???)

Next, we have a community and people who are ready to do more than just create a simple hub, and most importantly Aptos Mainnet.

  • DAO creation
  • Helping projects at different stages
  • Creating a learning hub

Aptos Mainnet

  • Launch token for the hub
  • Creation of incubation Launchpad, for introducing nft projects to the market
  • List of all released tokens and nft collections with tracking their prices